Thank you for your interest in joining our vendor list.

We seek to align ourselves with quality professionals in every trade and promise to do everything possible to make our relationship worthwhile and enjoyable.

On our end, that means work orders for non-emergency services sent directly via email, and prompt payment when the work is completed and invoice received. On your end, you will be asked to provide all necessary information and documentation to verify compliance with applicable laws.

This includes:

  • A valid TIN or Social Security number for end of year 1099 reporting
  • A copy of any license required for the type of work performed
  • Verification of liability insurance
  • Proof of Worker’s Comp Insurance if required
  • We also ask that you do business in a professional manner while working at our clients’ properties. Be advised that we normally follow up with tenants to insure satisfaction.

Your duties include:

  • Make arrangements to do the work on a timely basis or let us know that you can’t so we can call another vendor or advise the tenant of the delay
  • Never smoke on a client’s property, no loud radios
  • Do not use loud, abusive, or foul language
  • Dress appropriately, no shirtless workers
  • Clean up when you are finished
  • Submit detailed invoices. Make special note of expenses that exceed prior expectations or estimates. We owe a duty to our clients to verify the accuracy of bills.

Please submit this information, your fee and billing policy, and any other you feel would be helpful, by return mail or email. Thank you, again, for you interest.

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